About SSA

           The role of Universal Elementary Education (UEE) for strengthening the social fabric of democracy through provision of equal opportunities to all has been accepted since the inception of our Republic. The original Article 45 in the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution mandated the State to Endeavour to provide free and compulsory education to all children up to age fourteen in a period of ten years.


The block resource Centre (BRC) at block level provides regular academic support, conduct teachers training, follow up workshops, meetings and opportunities for peer learning as well as sharing of good practices. Though there was Assistant Basic Shiksha Adhikari already who was responsible for providing academic supervision & support and mainting the quality of education, but a sudden spurt in the number of schools & inc


Cluster Resource Centres have been functioning as Centres of teacher empowerment, where the teachers share their experiences and innovative practices in the teaching learning processes. The monthly CRC meetings have been primarily used for sharing innovative practices in classrooms by the teachers. The meetings have now been used for discussing the implementation and strengthening of Methodology.